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Baseball Sticker Album

Street Find—1981 Topps Foil Sticker

How many of us have found interesting items in the street during our travels? Some of us may be hesitant to pick something up from the street. (Mrs V.) I own two vey nice men’s winter neck scarves that were found, at separate times, on the street.  Another find was a bowling pin. I held on to that for many years because it was a bowling pin and I found it on the street. My grandest find allowed me to complete my 1981 Topps Baseball Sticker Album.

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Baseball sticker

Right Handed George Brett and a Left Handed Catcher. Were YOU at that game?

Topps issued a set of baseball stickers in 1981 that included 262 stickers and an album. Two pages of foil stickers made up the album centerfold. The stickers included the all stars from the American and National Leagues. The last sticker I needed was a silver foil Robin Yount All-Star sticker.

A Baseball Sticker Found

I had decided that I was going to take the offer from Topps that was advertised the back cover. I could send in a dollar to receive my sticker.

Baseball Sticker Album

Almost had to resort to steps 1 thru 5.

One summer day as I was walking down the street to our local gas station I looked down and saw a silvery glimmering item. To my amazement, it was the very sticker that was needed to complete my album…..IT WAS THE VERY STICKER THAT WAS NEEDED TO COMPLETE MY ALBUM!

The foil find was not in mint condition, to say the least. The sticker was a sticker in name only. The stickum was useless. Typically, glue and sports memorabilia are kept far apart. Not this time. Glue was the the only option in my young mind.

Baseball Sticker

I helped get Robin out of the gutter. Note the scratches. Glue was needed to STICK the STICKER in the album

I had determined I would not pursue any more sticker albums. It was my belief that I had achieved more than I could ever hope for in the pursuit of baseball stickers. To this day, I cannot believe I found that sticker on the road. How do you calculate the the odds of such a find. I have found money, playing cards, baseball cards, scarves, a bowling pin, and other items but nothing ever compared to that small 1 15/16″ by 2 9/16″  foil baseball sticker. The album and the stickers are virtually worthless but the find is priceless.

The 2017 Queen’s Baseball Convention will take place Saturday January 28! Hope to see you there.

Calvalcade of NY Mets stickers. We rooted hard for these fellows.

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Hunt Auctions January 2017 Catalog

Hunt Auctions—Bidding Closes Jan 4 at 10:00 pm EST

Hunt Auctions, of Exton, Pennsylvania, will be kicking off 2017 with an auction closing on Wednesday, January 4 at 10 PM EST. The catalog for this auction features a wide array of desirable memorabilia. I always have found their auction catalog to be significant in terms of the broad range of collectibles. Many of the lots available for bidding have an opening bid of ten dollars. You will, at a minimum, find an item or two worth watching.

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Fun Items to Consider from Hunt Auctions

Currently, there are four lots of 1950’s era Bowman Football Cards with bidding still under $100. Baseball Bat collectors can add to their collection with many lots of game used, store model, autographed, and vintage bats. Philadelphia Phillies fans might be interested in lot 778. Included in this lot is memorabilia from the 1970’s including a pair of cleats attributed to Larry Bowa as well as a program from the last game played at Connie Mack Stadium. The current bid as of this writing is $53. In general, Philadelphia Phillies fans will usually find many offerings from Hunt Auctions. These are just a few of the items up for bid. Check it out, you will not be disappointed.

I recommend Hunt Auctions for a number of reasons. The customer services has always been quick to respond. Shipping is always timely and reasonable. My purchases have always arrived as described and in quality packaging. I have no relationship with Hunt Auctions nor do I have consigned items in the auction. Just wanted to share my take on a fine auction house. Here is the link to Hunt Auctions. Bidding ends Wednesday January 4th at 10:00pm.

One More Thing

I am adding one more item from a separate auction for you to consider. A Baltimore Colts game worn football helmet likely dating to the mid 1950’s. I do not believe this helmet was worn in 1953 as mentioned in the auction listing.  I may have some questions but I remain intrigued.

Baltimore Colts Helmet—Circa 1950’s.
Bidding ends Jan 3rd at 10:00pm

This helmet is offered by Mears Online Auctions. Bidding wraps up tonight, January 3rd at 10:00pm. Current bidding sits at $163. I mention this item because the 1950’s era of the NFL is fascinating. Mrs. V. does not like it when I am auction surfing. She is well aware of my appreciation of vintage football headgear. I will be sitting this one out….maybe.

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The Reluctant Baseball Card Collection

The following post is shared with the hope that it does not happen to you. In the winter of 1991, my sister informed me of a friend of her’s whose husband wanted to liquidate his baseball card collection. The collection consisted of baseball cards from the late 1970’s thru 1990.  I made arrangements to visit this fellow on the day of Super Bowl 26 with the intent of purchasing his collection. I took my nephew with me to aid in the transport of the cardboard procurement.

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A Mother to be and Baseball Cards

Upon arrival, I noticed his wife was QUITE pregnant and their apartment was tiny. These folks needed space for the bundle of joy that awaited. It was also clear that it was HER decision to unload HIS collection. Having been forewarned that he wanted $350 for the collection, I was prepared for that amount to exchange hands. After some pleasantries, we got down to brass tacks, he shared his asking price. He stated $400. I responded with “I have $250 on me”. I may have felt some empathy for this young man…but  I did not feel enough to up the offer. He looked to his wife for counsel. She relayed, “I am almost ready to have this baby”. Thoroughly despondent, he accepted my offer. That was the moment my luck turned.

Cats and Baseball Cards

As my nephew and I loaded the car and drove back to our hometown, my eyes began to itch, burn, turn red, and my nose was running. My nephew probably thought I had become emotional with our transaction. Here’s the sad truth. That burgeoning young family owned cats that must have had their way with those baseball cards. I endured a sneezing attack of which I have seen no equal in the 25 years since.

Baseball Card

My daughter’s cat. They want what we have. Oysters or Baseball Cards. See the intensity in the eyes.

As we unloaded the haul into my second-floor apartment, my symptoms became worse. The movie “HITCH” has a scene that accurately relates the mood.


It would be years until I could explore that collection. To this day I still experience some allergic effects when I explore those cards. I have to keep the cat infused cardboard compilation segregated from my core collection.

Mrs.V. and Baseball Cards

Baseball Cards

Mrs. V.’s valuable closet space and the cat cards within.

Relevant to this matter is the ever-present Mrs. V, who is not spared the ramifications of a purchase made years before we met.  The, aforementioned, segregation has cost her prime closet space. We broach the subject from time to time with little or no action taken. My son, Nick V. is not in the clear either. He will assume this collection upon my demise. He told me he will eradicate the entire load with a “penny a pound sale”.

To add insult to injury, looking back, that collection was from a time frame that began a period of market saturation regarding the baseball card industry. Particularly in the late 80’s to early 90’s. It seems the father to be, not I, held the upper hand during the transaction. Mrs. V. is not happy. Nick V. does not want to be saddled with the cards. I am allergic to them. Who came out on top that cold January day 25 years ago?

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